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Team Member Spotlight: Ronnie

Team Member Spotlight: Ronnie

Published: June 9th, 2017

Ronnie Largent joined the Spare Time Texas team in late March of 2013, right before our first location in Temple opened. Since then he has served in the positions of Bowling Counter, Supervisor, Bookkeeper, and now Attractions Manager. With all that combined experience and steadfast dedication, Ronnie has become an invaluable member of our team.

To Ronnie, nothing matters more when he's on duty than guest experience. His daily mission is to make every guest feel right at home. One of Ronnie's few concerns left is that his bartending skills aren't quite up to par enough to jump behind the bar and help out when it's busy. It's one of his main goals he's working on.

Ronnie is also an avid bowler and has been competing in Temple's Tuesday Co-Ed Club for 4 seasons now. He also enjoys fishing, seeing movies, and attending auto shows in Austin and Fort Worth. To help others enjoy the successes he has achieved, Ronnie gives the advice: Apply yourself. You CAN do better. NEVER think negatively. Learn from your mistakes! If you're a new guest or a regular, stop by and shake Ronnie's hand. It would make his day to be able to make your day!