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Team Member Spotlight: Mary

Team Member Spotlight: Mary

Published: July 20th, 2018

Allow us to introduce Mary Denson, a line cook who joined our team in February of 2016. Although relatively inexperienced when she started her career, Mary has grown to be one of our most dependable assets in the kitchen. Now a team lead, Chef Kent relies on Mary to hold the line together and manage various responsibilities throughout the kitchen, chief among them being quality control and consistency.

Mary's passion is cooking and feeds into one of her main goals of traveling the world and experiencing as many different cultures as possible through their cuisine. For now though, she passes the time with her dog and hanging out by the lake. Professionally, Mary often works with the Chef on techniques and participates in course work through BPAA to learn more about food & beverage management.

Despite being the resident comedian in the kitchen, Mary has earned the respect of her fellow workers through her consistently positive attitude and continues to strive towards achieving all she can in the culinary world. She firmly believes that "hard work will take you far in life" and shares that advice with her fellow teammates. We're glad to have Mary on the team and enjoy knowing that she feels the same way!