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Team Member Spotlight: Nicole

Team Member Spotlight: Nicole

Published: July 23rd, 2020

Spare Time Texas is proud to introduce our team member of the month: Nicole Gentry! Nicole has played a significant role in our team, a true bench strength, from slinging craft cocktails to helping out wherever she is needed. For the past 3 years, she has shown dedication and leadership through leading by example and always lending a helping hand.

Nicole mixing a drink
Nicole and friend playing soft ball
Nicole in The Pin House

“I love the atmosphere of Spare Time! I have been treated very well by everyone!” - Nicole

We are excited to continue to watch Nicole grow professionally and support her as she has supported us and our guests.

“Nicole is a very hard working team member with an infectiously positive personality. Her laugh can be heard all over the building. She has mastered many important positions, including bowling counter, GSR, server, and bartender. She is extremely reliable; on time or early for all scheduled shifts, and happily picks up shifts for other team members when necessary. She is smart, funny, and kind. Throughout her several years at Spare Time, she has proven to be a model team member, a valuable asset to the company, and a friendly, energetic face to everyone she encounters.” - Zach Heim, Assistant General Manager

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Since the age of 6, softball has always been an activity that Nicole has participated in and enjoyed. “I played competitive college softball for 2 years and still like to play slow-pitch”. She is also taking her passion for softball and translating it into a career! Nicole is currently studying to become a physical therapist; as well as, coaching an 11u baseball team on the side.

Nicole also likes to practice her creativity by producing makeup tutorials through several social media platforms. For the past 4 years, she has had the opportunity to use this outlet by doing makeup for friends and family for special occasions! Check out her YouTube channel here.

What’s on you bucket list?

Nicole would love to travel the world one day! Her first stop? London, England: “I would love to start there. I think it would be cool to go to London and then travel to some neighboring districts.”

She would also really enjoy owning her own business: “I really like the idea of maybe designing my own makeup line or even owning a bar”. Picture this: An every day, glamourous makeup line for athletes…with makeup appointments in a cocktail bar?

If you could learn a new skill tomorrow, what would it be?

“I would love to go somewhere like Colorado and learn to water raft and cave dive!” She is obviously much braver than most.