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Team Member Spotlight: Kamil

Team Member Spotlight: Kamil

Published: February 10th, 2020

Kamil Thompson has been a part of the Spare Time Texas family since Pflugerville’s opening day, December 7, 2015. She began as a Party Host and has advanced into the Sales department as an Event Coordinator. Her dedication and leadership qualities have helped her to become a great role model for other team members and a positive representation of Spare Time.

Outside of her time as a Sales Assistant, Kamil enjoys spending time with her daughter, dancing, and fashion. She uses her creativity to help her become a better dancer and aspires to one day become a dance instructor. A fun fact about Kamil: She’s an identical twin!

Kamil says that the two positions she has held have helped her gain confidence and grow as a person. Starting at Spare Time as a teenager, and now being a hard-working adult, she says she can see the difference and is proud of her accomplishments.

She loves booking events and being able to use her previous party hosting experience to answer the questions of guests. She likes to hear that the guests enjoyed themselves, knowing that she helped make their experience the best it could be. We appreciate her dedication to her role and are happy to have her as a part of the Spare Time Texas family!