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Team Member Spotlight: Drew

Team Member Spotlight: Drew

Published: September 22nd, 2020

Spare Time Texas is proud to introduce one of our extraordinary team members, AnDREW! You may spot him floating around our Temple center, wearing many hats: meeting guests as they walk in, initiating fun at the bowling lanes, or overseeing the game room. His dedication and consistency are just one of the reasons we are proud to have Drew a part of our family, but he brings so much more to the table – for team members and guests alike!

Drew in a tuxedo
Drew masked up and ready for work

“Andrew has been a reliable and hard-working team member since his start back in 2018. Andrew shows constant initiative and a desire to grow and it has been amazing to watch him do so! He is one of those team members that has been there when we needed him the most, a true team player! When visiting the center, you might find Andrew firing up our guests for an exciting round of laser tag, or maybe he will be fixing you a drink at the Shakers bar! Wherever he may be in our center, Andrew always has a smile and a positive attitude. We look forward to many more amazing memories and experiences created with Andrew, for our team and our guests!”
– Casey, Hospitality Manager

What is your favorite part of working at Spare Time Texas?

“My favorite part of working for Spare Time would be seeing the different guests that come in to visit! I love being able to hear and see different stories the guests share. Additionally, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to see guests leaving laughing after having an amazing time with us.”

Describe an experience or interaction, while working at Spare Time, that really stands out to you.

“One day, I had the opportunity to wait on a group of bowlers who were laughing and really having a great time. There was a gentleman in the lane next to them who was having a bit of a rough day and I watched as the two parties were interacting and sharing their positive energy with him. Once the gentleman started to pay out his tab he decided to pick up the groups tab as well, all because they made him smile and make his time a little more enjoyable”

Not only do our team members bring smiles to our guests, but our guests do it too. What an awesome story of positivity and kind nature!

Who are you outside of work?

“I am currently working towards a degree in Music Education at Temple College! I also partake in an after-school program at Jefferson Elementary School too.”

As if that is not enough, ON TOP of work…

“In the summer I do work for Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children – a camp for kids with disabilities!”

“Outside of that, my hobbies include: working out, singing, watching Disney Movies, designing tattoos, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.”

What is on your bucket list?

“I would love to go to Russia! I want to experience the amazing architecture and to hear a true Opera Russia Bass Singer. I also want to go to the Australia Park Zoo to get a glimpse at where the Crocodile Hunter is from…and of course see all the other iconic sites Australia has to offer.”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

“I would want the power to turn into any animal at will! This way I could do almost anything in the world. I wouldn’t need a car, scuba tank, plane, or even stuff to climb.”

Drew clearly has this figured out! The Crocodile Hunter would even be jealous.

What is something that not most people might not know about you?
  • “I’m an ALL Leukemia Survivor. I’m in my 18th year of remission!”

  • “I got licked by a Giraffe”

  • “I’m the only redhead in my family”

  • “I got to meet Dean from Supernatural”