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Community: Bowler's Ed

Community: Bowler's Ed

Published: April 7th, 2017

How many schools have you been to that have their own bowling alley? The answer is probably none. So how can kids learn to bowl without spending money at a local alley or having school's invest in building specialized equipment? That's the question that IBC's Bowler's Ed answers for schools across the U.S. By partnering with local bowling centers, Bowler's Ed has been able to bring students and bowling together in a way that had not been possible previously.

The IBC provides educators with a full Bowling curriculum and the option to purchase portable bowling equipment that can be set up easily in any gymnasium. That's where Spare Time comes in. We have purchased several sets of the portable bowling equipment and are making it available to schools, free of charge. The end result is that students receive a very comprehensive training course on bowling with all materials provided to the school at no cost!

Pflugerville Middle School was the first in our community to take our portable lanes for a spin. P.E. Teacher, Cierra Martin, had this to say about the Bowler's Ed program:

"My students LOVED the bowling. I enjoyed all the cross-curriculum, as that is very important to our school. The biggest thing for us was that bowling is all-inclusive for our students. Our essential academic students (students with some sort of disability) were able to bowl and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for allowing our school this opportunity."

For more information on Bowler's Ed, please contact Spare Time Texas today!