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Bowling Tips with Greg

Bowling Tips with Greg

Published: February 5th, 2020

Greg Fears, one of our newest league bowlers, is grabbing the attention of the team members here at Spare Time Texas! His near-perfect form makes him a force to be reckoned with! We caught up with Greg while practicing in The Pin House.

You are such a good bowler with excellent form. When did you start bowling?

Greg: I started when I was 4 years old.

Where were you living when you started?

Greg: Kansas City, KS.

Were you coached?

Greg: Yes but it was seasonal. So the coaches changed every so often.

What size ball do you throw?

Greg: 15lbs.

What is your preferred brand of ball?

Greg: Storm

What are your bowling goals?

Greg: Make the Team USA bowling team in 2021

Practicing Greg’s form and technique could help you bowl a perfect game (or at least help you beat your friend). Here are some things you’ll need to help your bowling game:

Ball that’s just right: The perfect form starts from the moment you pick up a bowling ball. The ball you use should be about 10 percent of your body weight. Greg is using a 15 pound ball and you can see that it is not too heavy, but also not too light.

Straight and narrow form: Watch how Greg keeps his wrists locked as he swings the ball. Keeping your bowling wrist straight when swinging backwards and forward can prevent injury and ensure a straight bowl.

Striking technique: As the ball comes forward, rotate your wrist and hand toward opposite side of your body. Release near your ankle and follow through with your hand in a handshake position. You can see that Greg’s follow through is the same with every bowl. It may take some time to get your timing right. Practice makes perfect!

Powerful hit: The key to a strike is to hit the pins in the “pocket” - between the one-pin and the three-pin. Bowling is all about angles and velocity. Hit the pins in this area and you’re on your way to a perfect game!