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The center will be closed to the public until 2:30 pm for a private event (1/24)

Bowler's Ed


Bowler's Ed is an in-school bowling program created by the International Bowling Campus Youth Development Team. This physical education program, comprised of a curriculum and custom portable bowling equipment, is completely FREE to use!

The program adheres to common core educational standards, and includes cross-curriculum activities for grades K-8. The main benefit of this program is that it offes a lifetime activity to students and a way for educators to teach the sport without the need to travel to a bowling facility.

Spare Time Texas has purchased all the necessary equipment needed and allows schools to utilize it as needed through a simple scheduling system. We will deliver the equipment to your school on the requested date and collect it at the end of the program. All students will receive certificates of completion and complimentary passes to continue their enjoyment of bowling at Spare Time Texas!